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Packer 25 2020 — Mark Smith

Politicians know how to win people over to their cause, and Mark Smith is doing just that in the span of two years in the fresh-produce industry.

Philly market welcomes new manager

The biggest change in the past year at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is the hiring of Mark Smith.
Aug 23, 2019 by Amy Sowder #Philadelphia, #The Packer

Ryeco updates website, adds more trucks

In late winter and early spring, Ryeco created a new website that features a video of the market with shots from a drone.

John Vena celebrates 100th anniversary

Founded in 1919, John Vena is celebrating a century in business this year with a staff party in the fall plus several innovations.

Top retailers in the Northeast by market share

Recent Shelby Market data has revealed the top retailers by market share in each region of the United States.

Blend of cultures drives retail, foodservice in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a mélange of cultures, as well as big and small stores and restaurants, with a range of product needs and client bases, produce suppliers say.

Philadelphia area foodservice business thriving

The foodservice business is doing well in the Northeast, distributors report.