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Fresh Express recalls Caesar salad kit after E. coli test

Fresh Express is recalling Caesar Supreme salad kits after a random test yielded a positive result for E. coli.

Source of three E. coli outbreaks eludes FDA

The FDA is investigating three E. coli outbreaks, and although each one has a strain associated with current or past outbreaks linked to romaine, the agency said it has no specific evidence pointing to romaine.

Tanimura & Antle recalls romaine, Michigan reports E. coli cases

UPDATED: A state agency in Michigan is advising residents not to eat?Tanimura & Antle brand romaine lettuce packed as single heads, and the company has issued a recall of the lettuce.

Packer Insight — FDA investigations, H-2A news, online grocery and more

Tom Karst, Chris Koger, Amy Sowder and Ashley Nickle take you through the big stories of the week, from developments related to H-2A wages to company news born from increased demand for online grocery services.

LGMAs adopt numerous changes on water, sanitation

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has made more than 50 changes to rules as the group continues a review of its practices following E. coli outbreaks in recent years.

California leafy greens growers work to prevent outbreaks

Leafy green growers are pledging to follow recommendations that the Food and Drug Administration recently outlined in a report on E. coli outbreaks in romaine and other leafy Greens in 2019.

FDA releases E. coli report; nearby cattle most likely the cause

A Food and Drug Administration report on three E. coli outbreaks in the fall of 2019 says cattle operations near leafy greens fields is the most likely source of the pathogens.

FDA traces clover sprouts in E. coli cases to common seed source

Clover sprouts from Jimmy John’s restaurants and a Chicago grower that have been linked to an E. coli outbreak came from a common seed lot.

Chicago Indoor Garden recalls red clover sprouts products

Chicago Indoor Garden is recalling all of its products containing red clover sprouts, after the Food and Drug Administration advised consumers to avoid them.

FDA advises against eating sprouts from Chicago Indoor Garden

The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers against eating several sprouts products from Chicago Indoor Garden after testing linked it to an earlier outbreak of E. coli.