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Expand your team's prospect lists:

  • Gain access to over 54,000 company profiles including 22K+ buyers and 9K+ retailers.
  • Search for partners by country, state, city and operation type.
  • Contacts may include name, title, email and phone numbers.

Claim and manage your company profile to ensure that buyers find you instantly:

  • Add your company’s logo, contacts, sales videos, brochures product information, and produce.
  • Receive notifications when a company endorses or rates your company.
  • The PMG platform is designed with Google search in mind to allow your company to appear in higher search results so buyers can find you 24/7/365.
Marketing company snapshot

Market your brand directly to produce buyers and prospective partners:

  • Dominate your produce categories - ensure your company profile appears in the first twTake advantage of newsletter, digital and targeted marketing to stay in front of produce buyers when it’s vital to your brand.