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Deciduous fruit

Category Overview

Overview Description

Deciduous fruit refers to fruit that falls off the tree or vine when it is ripe. The category includes apples, Asian pears, figs, grapes and pomegranates. While these fruits may not seem like natural partners, putting them together in new ways to sell them as a group can help add to the bottom line. The category includes heavy hitters like apples and grapes and collectively brought in $7.1 billion in sales in 2015, according to IRI/Fresh Look Marketing. For that reason alone, it's worth investing in.

Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies
  • Promote proprietary varieties of apples and Asian pears together. Their similar price point makes them an easy pairing for promotions.

  • Include recipes for fruit salads that include many of the fruits in the category on your display to encourage purchases of more than one item.
  • Use the winter holidays to your advantage. Promote deciduous fruits as a tasty addition to holiday meals. Encourage consumers to think of figs as a flavorful addition to stuffing. Encourage use of apples, grapes and Asian pears in fruit salads, and offer pomegranates as a bright addition to regular salads. Pomegranates also make festive decorations.
  • Promote deciduous fruits like apples, grapes, figs and Asian pears as quick, on-the-go snacks during the summer and as great options for the lunch box.
  • Play up the health benefits of the deciduous fruit category. Apples can reduce blood pressure and help with weight loss. Grapes contain resveratrol, which has been shown to help fight multiple types of cancer. Figs have been shown to help prevent diabetes, and pomegranates are considered a super food.

Dynamic Displays

Dynamic Displays
  • Offer consumers a wide range of options on varieties within this category. Mix in well-known favorites like red and golden delicious apples and bartlett pears with more exotic and new varieties.

  • Consumers associate fall harvest with apples and pears so play this up at retail. Fall and back-to-school themes are a natural association.
  • Fruits in this category bruise easily, which is a huge turn-off for consumers, so be extra careful putting them on display. Keep displays well stocked and remove damaged fruit several times daily.
  • Grapes are often impulse buys, so in-store merchandising is crucial. Display no fewer than two varieties, and let the color breaks speak for themselves.
  • Fruit in this category makes for excellent snacking and grab-and-go options, so promote this attribute to consumers.

Perfect Pricing

Perfect Pricing
  • Pricing deciduous fruit as a category is difficult because of the variety of price points in the category. Focus on competitive pricing and promotion for each fruit.
  • Deciduous fruit is usually priced by the pound.
  • Consumers are used to seeing price differences within a fruit’s category, but keep at least one variety on a good discount.
  • During peak season offer larger sized bags to sell higher volume.