Jim Offner

Jim Offner

Packer 25 2020 — Bruce Summers

COVID-19 has been no match for Bruce Summers or the agency he serves as administrator: the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Packer 25 2020 — Wyard Stomp

The classic combination of strawberries and cream seems to work for Wyard Stomp, since he has a track record for building demand for both components.

Packer 25 2020 — Paul Ramson

The lure of the produce business was irresistible, because it provided Paul Ramson with a chance to solve problems for a global market.

Packer 25 2020 — Todd Bernitt

Todd Bernitt ascribes his success to a simple tenet: Be true to your word.

Marketers expect to move plenty of apples through pandemic

Washington apple suppliers say they will survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but getting through it has required some adjustments.

Washington apple volume could be similar to last year’s crop

Sober acceptance of and aggressive responses to the coronavirus pandemic are creating a kind of “tempered” optimism among Washington’s apple grower-shippers and marketers in 2020.

Sirna & Sons Produce adds a 'pick-up' program

Sirna & Sons Produce has brought in Allie Sirna as the second member of the Sirna family’s fourth generation to join the company, said Tom Sirna, president.

COVID-19 closures take their toll on Ohio’s foodservice business

For Ohio produce suppliers and their foodservice clients, things were going — and growing — smoothly through the winter months.

Ohio suppliers ready for heavy retail sales this season

There may be a pandemic on, but produce growers and distributors in Ohio say they’re in robust health.

Potato growers ponder COVID-19 pandemic’s fallout

Northwest potato suppliers say they are eager to rev up a major sales engine in their industry — foodservice — as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic passes.