PBH touts National Fruits & Veggies Month successes

PBH touts National Fruits & Veggies Month successes

The Produce for Better Health Foundation’s National Fruits & Veggies Month campaign in September generated nearly 75 million impressions through traditional and social media channels.

The campaign’s theme, Have A Plant Nation, centered on the PBH call-to-action to increase consumption and celebrate diverse ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

According to a news release, the campaign achieved:

  • 59 million impressions from consumer-facing media on the launch of National Fruits & Veggies Month;
  • 12 million potential impressions from social posts using #haveaplant, #haveaplantpledge and #NFVM2020;
  • Four million potential impressions from the second annual NFVM #haveaplantchat Twitter chat; and
  • Nearly three million potential impressions from social posts across PBH channels.

The results illustrate how the Have A Plant Nation campaign helped “move the needle” toward increased consumption, Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, president and CEO of PBH, said in the release.

“Through the support of our dedicated members and extraordinary ambassadors, September marked a pivotal moment in driving home the importance of enjoying more plant-packed meals among millions of Americans, each and every day for healthier and happier lives,” she said in the release.

PBH has seen its “comprehensive digital ecosystem,” launched in April 2019, show tremendous growth, according to the release, with a spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization curated a dedicated landing page to address misinformation during the pandemic, with a science-driven question-and-answer page.

“The investment that our members and the industry made in 2019 toward enhancing our website, www.fruitsandveggies.org, as well as our social media channels is providing great RIO right now, and we plan to double down on our efforts in 2021 to keep the momentum going,” Katie Calligaro, marketing and communications director at PBH, said in the release. “In order to generate true behavior change, we have to meet people at the point of inspiration, and now more than ever, that is happening in the digital space."

The PBH also released its 2021 Member Engagement Prospectus.

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